Scoop! The Cast of Riverdale

Scoop! The Cast of Riverdale

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Introducing a new series of unauthorized biographies on the world's biggest names and rising stars in entertainment, sports, and pop culture! Complete with quizzes, listicles, trivia, and a full-color pull-out poster of the star, this is the definitive collection to get the full Scoop! and more on your favorite celebrities.

Riverdale has got it all:

    Dangerous gangs. Check.
    Murder mysteries. Plenty.
    High-school drama. *Side eye roll*
    Awkward love triangles. Where do we even begin?

While we can all agree Hiram is LITERALLY the worst, one question remains: Will Jughead ever take off his beanie???

Get the full Scoop! and more on your favorite cast's on-screen drama, their IRL relationships, and to find out who your spirit character is...

Are you a Betty Cooper or a Veronica Lodge? An Archie or Jughead? Or maybe you're a Hiram after all?