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Monkey Math

Monkey Math

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Addition doesn’t always come easy to everyone, but if your teacher likes to monkey around a little bit, it makes it more fun! Monkey Math is a simple number balance that uses a monkey’s favorite treat…bananas. This set includes enough banana tokens to learn simple addition. Number recognition, counting, and fine motor skills development are just some of the skills a child can acquire playing with Money Math.

Learn Addition
Monkey Math is a fun, hands-on way for kids to learn simple addition. Add up the numbered banana tokens on the monkey's hands and try to have an equal amount on both sides.

The Fun Adds Up
Balance the monkey scale in this cool game. Monkey Math includes a monkey base, 15 banana number tokens, and instructions. Made for boys and girls ages 4 years old and up.

How To Play
Hang different numbered bananas on the monkey’s hands. When the number of bananas doesn’t match, the monkey’s eyes will cross. When the number matches, the monkey will look straight ahead

Early Learning Activity
For classroom and homeschool STEM learning, Monkey Math helps kids learn numbers and basic counting while also developing critical thinking and fine motor skills.

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