Premium Protective Fabric Face Covering Mask: Tie Dye Blue

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  • 90% Polyester/ 10% Elastane
  • COMFORTABLE FOR EXTENDED WEAR | made with a double layer of soft, lightweight "Ice Silk" fabric. Used in active sportswear, Ice Silk is a breathable moisture-wicking material, making it comfortable for extended wear at work or school, in warm weather or during physical activity.
  • COVER-UP & BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION | provide the physical separation you need while offering the comfort necessary to be worn all day both indoors and out.
  • ADJUSTABLE FORM FITTING DESIGN | feature adjustable ear straps enabling optimal comfort while being one size fits most all. They have an adjustable form-fitting nose bridge for enhanced barrier blockage while helping prevent your glasses from fogging up.
  • FUN DESIGN | All Original Designs with a wide variety of provocative patriotic designs, trendy fashion prints and basic colors. Be a part of the solution, Cover-Up, stay safe and #Make a Statement!
  • REUSABLE | hand washable in cold water and needs to be hung to dry.