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Jack and Jill Montreal | About Us

Blossom Moscovitch first opened Jack & Jill as a children’s clothing store in 1945 when she was 21 years old. In a time when women were not the ones making such bold business moves, she definitely called the shots.  From there, she took a leap of faith and moved the location to where the shop is now on Queen Mary Road in the Snowdon area of Montreal and today it remains a landmark destination for youth & teen trend items, clothing and novelty gifting. 

Her daughter Barbara has taken the reigns of the store and has a very focused eye for carrying all of the season’s must have items for children of all ages. With her keen sense of fashion and her knack for being able to pick the best toys, games, novelties, the store always offers the best brands and finest quality of products. 

Jack & Jill is a Montreal-based kids' toy store, offering family games and trendy clothing. We are known for our creative and innovative yet affordable collections that offer the best quality toys that help children and adults cultivate their imagination, creativity, and team spirit. Kids learn through play and many of our products help with their overall brain development. Check out our collection of kid's toys, family games, and fashionable kids clothing. Shop online or in-store!

What makes Jack & Jill quite unique is when its third and fourth generations of families come shop together and keep coming back to say hello, loving the personalized customer service they receive over many of the other “big box stores”. You know you have walked into our front doors when you are always greeted with a friendly smile, and the merchandise is so colorful its almost blinding; in a world today where small businesses after 60+ years are so exceptional its unmistakable that you are only shopping in one magical place.